Although Christmas is observed as a time for church services, family gathering and gift giving, a few crucial historical events also happened to fall on the same date. According to the records, this time, considered as the most wonderful one in the year, has been also known for interruptions by the coronation of kings, scientific breakthroughs, legendary battles and others. However, a few of the well-known historical events observed on the day of the Christmas are discussed as below.

Crowning of Charlemagne as the Holy Roman Emperor in 800

Charlemagne, a Frankish warrior king, also known as the Father of Europe is known to unite a huge part of the European continent under the Carolingian Empire’s banner. A catholic devotee, Charlemagne created a huge kingdom in the late part of the 700s with the help of his extensive military campaigns executed against the Avars, the Lombards and the Saxons, where he also converted all his subjects to Christianity along with strict religious reforms. Read More →