Foreigner visiting India would wonder about the festival and occasion they would get in India in the month of November. Foreigners do visit India in the month of November as this is the month of all festivals and occasions in India.  The weather condition also remains really cool and dry. The foreigner will not have to suffer from hot climate as during the month of November, the weather becomes desirable.  According to Hindu calendar, this is known as the month of Kartika. Different festivals and occasions are celebrated throughout the nation during this month.

Indian festivals in November


Diwali is the biggest festivals celebrated by Hindu community in India.  It also represents the starting of Hindu New Year.  This is celebrated to forecast the victory of happiness over sad. To many people Diwali represents victory of light over darkness. In every house, people make every corner of the home lighted with candles and diyas. People also decorate the front portion of their home with colorful lights. Even the plants and trees in front and back portion of the house are also lighted.

People clean their homes during this occasion and decorate the ground with Rangoli.   New clothes and accessories are purchased for each family member so that they remain happy and cheerful. No one in the family is allowed to remain sad during the occasion of Diwali.

Chhath Puja

This is a popular North Indian festival celebrated by the people of Bihar. Since India is the country with Unity in diversity, in different parts of the nation, people from Bihar assemble and celebrate Chhatt puja during the month of November. This festival is also celebrated in Mumbai in a wonderful way.  This is basically a festival where the individuals as well as group worship the sun god.  Juhu beach is the wonderful place to see chhatt puja. People assemble in one place and celebrate chhath Puja in Juhu beach.  People sing folk song during this occasion and pray for the well-being of family and friends.


Puri Beach festival

Puri is a one of the biggest beach in India. Here, the tourists will be able to have a look at the popular cultural festival in Orissa. Different activities are includes in this popular beach festival in Puri.  An individual from other state of India or a foreign land can easily have a look at fashion shows, folk dances, rock music, handicrafts and fireworks once they come to have a look at the festival

Ganga Mahotsav

Ganga is regarded as the holy river of India. Pilgrims from different parts of the world assembles over here to offer prayer. Ganga Mahotsav is the famous festival that takes place in the banks of river Ganga.  You will be able to view the cultural programs organized on this auspicious day. Music and dance are combined to make the occasion lively.  Most important part of the occasion is the floating of clay lamps over the river ganga. It is really an amazing view.

Indian culture and tradition

India is the country with a rich culture. People from different parts of the world visiting the nation will be impressed to see the culture maintained by Indians. The popular form of greeting people in India is Namesake or Namaste. This is a way of salutation to all individual who comes and visit India. Even for bidding farewell to a person in India, this process of greetings is used. This is the act where both palms of an individual are faced together and the hand so formed is placed below the face of an individual.

Another way of welcoming a person to an occasion or home is through Tilak. Here, a mark is provided at the forehead of an individual, which is known as the sign of blessing. This is known as a mark of auspicious occasion for all Indians. The red vermillion paste is made to put Tilak. In other society, the mixture is made with turmeric paste, iodine, alum, etc. Some people also prefer a tilak with sandal wood paste.

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