Shasta daisy is the best species of chrysanthemum family known to florists. It suits well for border designs and cutting purposes. Weddings and festivals require unobtrusive material to detract from the main part of the flower, but this part provides the basic substance. Such flowers are Shasta daisy commonly known as anemone centered. These flowers are available in white color. This breed can be contrasted with different color of flowers to provide stunning looks.

The second one on the list is ox-eye daisy. This is also a perennial one and sustains the charm for a long time. With straight long white petals and yellow centers, these daisies are simply awesome. These flowers are mostly packed in dark green foliage with long stems and petals which are coming out with golden centers. One more edition of daisy is present in market that is C. it is a common breed, which is known to too many gardeners, found near roadsides. It gives a solidified touch to flowers.

Third and best chrysanthemums are feverfew. These flowers are present at the end of the branching stems in cluster. Feverfews are present in market with many varieties including golden feather. These small flowers can be used in small as well as in branched arrangements to provide light. Feverfew can also be achieved by cutting chrysanthemum into short sprays.

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