floral artFrom the dawn of civilization, humans have always been dependent on the forest and plant kingdom. Starting from foods, tools for house and clothes to keep one warm have been the gift of plants to the humans. The nature and its fascinating creations and its bewitching beauty have always been the cause of wonder to people. But if one thinks about the cause of the superfluous artistry that leads to the natural magnificence then one has to take flowers into account. Flowers are considered to be the greatest beauty created by the plants. Biologically, flowers are a part of the reproductive system of plants. Flowers effect the germination process and thus responsible for the existence of a certain species of plant in the ecology. However, from human perspective and the sense of artistic evaluation and appreciation, flowers bear an important significance. Flowers are believed to convey messages which are not voiced colloquially. For these obvious reasons these small vibrantly colorful and fragrant parts of the plants have always been the harbinger of love proposals. Flowers and its passionately hued markings and strokes are not only the symbol of romance and desire, but also signify the sweetness of relationship.

The Symbol of Love

Flowers have always carried the message of love through its color and aroma. The flower faces with their own cheerful, happy and floral artbright attributes can instantly make someone’s day. Any love story seems to be incomplete without the role of flowers in that. Starting from Hollywood to Bollywood the magic of flowers persists. It’s not strange why flowers are so important in every love story and the saying “Life is the flower for which love is the honey” justifies it the best way. It’s said that love is blind and never follows a certain equation. The same is applicable in case of flowers and their ways of conveying languages and feelings. Love happens irrespective of ethnicity, culture and language. Likewise flowers enhance the beauty of the hands that hold the bunch of the fragrant blossoms irrespective of the specifications, caste and creeds of the holder. Similar to the different forms, facets and ways of love, flowers bloom in a variety of ways. Some flowers are used for their scented aroma, while some flowers catches appreciation for their breathtaking colors and shapes. Red roses are widely known as the flower of love. Lovers exchange red roses on every occasion to celebrate their eternal desire and passion. Red is the color of blood, so the color of heart and so the color of love. A bouquet full of fresh roses for the loved one is the perfect gift to conquer him/her.

The symbol of Purity

Love is considered to be the purest feeling. It is the sensation that is felt without being able to describe in words. Love never finds floral craftcause to fall for. It is the mysterious accident that anyone laughingly wants to fall in. Because of the unintended and unidentified reasons of falling in love, this sensation is called the most natural and hence the most sacred feeling in the world. Love is the bond that still has kept humans civilized and socialized. This sensational emotion becomes stronger when it is catalyzed by something equally sacred. Flowers are the purest form of natural beauty. The smell, the color and the soft petals of every flower reminds one about the magnificent artistry possessed by the nature god. Flowers not only increase the feeling of love but also make it more enjoyable, romantic and emotional. The people in love exchange their hearts in the shape of red roses. Flowers are the thing that helps the sacred feeling to grow purer. Flowers are considered to be venting the unspoken languages of hearts. Therefore they are the most significant words one may tell to the love of one’s life.

Gifts to the Almighty

Love has different forms and different definitions. While some people consider love to be the emotional attraction between two people, many consider it to be the aesthetic way of coming closer to the supreme power. The omnipresent almighty is the one controlling the happenings in the universe and the world is principled to move closer to his domain. Love is considered as the force of motivation and attraction to go closer to the almighty. This aesthetic definition of love is also comparable with the ornamental and artistic appreciative minds dormant in human being. Versifiers and the greatest poets and writers of the history have found truth and purity in love and thus went closer to the super consciousness. Flowers have always been the messenger to their sacrifice and dedication. People offer flowers as a gift to the gods so as to appease the omnipotent. In temples, churches and other religious places, flowered plants make the sanctorum more peaceful, sacred and vibrant. People leaving this mortal world and starting their journey towards their heavenly abode are commemorated with love with white lilies and carnations and thought of as the part of the supreme power.

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