At certain times lilies can be hunted down by various animals, insects, mites and pests of many sizes. Oriental and orienpet lilies are highly volatile. They require extra care before being planted. If not taken care of properly there are high chances for it to be destroyed by various environmental conditions and diseases. Most commonly found pests are aphids, buld and foliage spider mites, animals, red lily beetle, lily thrips, lily weevil, nematodes, pheasant and quail, rodents, slugs and snails and symphylids.

These can destroy the lilies completely and take down the cultivation of lilies. This can cause the cultivator a huge loss. People who are dependent on the production of lilies may go out of business if a solution is not found and applied.

Lilies have a great role in various aspects of everyday life of humans. It has a great history which makes it unique. Lilies are a visual treat and gives of great fragrance. It is clear that it has innumerable properties and uses. Lilies are indispensable in human life. The pest attack on lilies is serious issues. This can lead to a situation where the lilies produced are not enough to meet the demands of various industries. Among all the different lilies of different colors white lilies are the ones that have more meaning linked with the past. Lilies are fresh looking flowers that can elevate the mood of any person.

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