Diwali is a very important festival in the Hindu calendar. This year Diwali is being celebrated on 13th November. People wait for this festival to come. The festival is celebrated with great pleasure and joy among people without any discrimination of caste, creed and religion. Make flowers delivery to Bangalore on this special day.

Significance of the festival:

Diwali is also known of lamps or lights. People light lamps as a mark of victory of good over the evil. Diwali also called Deepavali which means array of lamps. It signifies the win of brightness. On the occasion of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped as a prosperity symbol. People clean their houses to welcome the Goddess.

In North India, people start a new financial year on Diwali, which is considered a good start.

Days of celebration:

The festival of Diwali is a festival of five days and celebrations begin from the 15th day of the month Karthika according to the Hindu calendar. Diwali falls every year in between the months October and November. The first day is known as Dhatheras. The second day is Naraka Chaturdasi. Amavasya is the third day and on this day Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. The fourth day is called Karthika Padyami and the fifth day is called Yama Dvitiya.

Celebrating the festival:

Diwali is celebrated all around India with great splendour and enthusiasm. Diwali is a festival that is related to lights and hence it is called light festival. On Diwali, people light small lamps called diyas which are made of clay. These lamps are beautifully shaped and decorated and painted with colours. However, some lamps are not painted, they are lighted in the original form. Whatever lamps are lighted, be it colourful or painted, they always look glorious. Lamps are lit by everyone on this day in their homes. Another very exciting part of the celebration is bursting of crackers. People will burn crackers that are of different colours and types. People exchange sweets and gifts among each other which make the festival even more joyous. People also prepare sweets at homes on this day.

On this day several pujas are also held in temples and also by people at their homes. Pujas are mainly done to please Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity and wealth.

Celebrations in North and South India:

Though Diwali is celebrated in India on the same days and with the same motto, celebrations are a little different in North India and South India.

In North, the festival is celebrated to remember the return of Lord Rama from a 14-year exile back to his kingdom. In North, most of the celebrations are held on the last day, i.e., on Amavasya, which is known as moonless night. This day is considered the starting of the New Year in North India.

Celebrations in South India commences with the day Naraka Chathurdasi. All the preparations start the day before this day before where the entire house is cleaned. Ovens at homes are cleaned well and four to five dots are made on the ovens with kumkum. The house after getting cleaned is decorated with rangoli patterns also called kolam. This is done with a powder. Puja rooms are decorated using plantain, flowers, kumkum, sandal paste, etc. New dresses and crackers are kept on a plate that is smeared with sandal paste or kumkum.

Exchanging gifts:

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Benefits of online gift purchasing:

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Diwali is a very auspicious and exciting festival. Make it more exciting by exchanging gifts.

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