New Year is observed on January 1st according to the Gregorian calendar. The idea of choosing January 1st came in the mind of roman king Julius Caesar. The month was related to two faced God Janus, which he believed one face symbolized the end of one year and the other, the beginning of next year. In the past January 1 was not considered the start of New Year. The Gregorian calendar wasn’t accepted by all. Christians preferred March 25th, which is related to the incarnation of Jesus Christ. It took time for its acceptance and once the calendar was accepted, the 1st day in it, January 1st was taken as the New Year day. In 1582 the Gregorian calendar restored January 1st as the New Year beginning. Since then, January 1st is internationally accepted as the beginning of New Year. Make flowers delivered to Mumbai on this special day.

New Year Celebrations

The New Year celebrations start with the countdown to midnight when the clock strikes 12. People gather around in public places along with their family or friends. Musical programs are organized to add to the flavor. The important feature of the New Year eve is the fireworks display. It is carried out all over the world and people flock around to see the light display. Some people spent the time in church attending midnight prayers for thanking the lord for the favors received. In many places, people attend discos, put parties and enjoy the time in beaches and other place. Some people travel to their favorite places to enjoy the New Year there. While most people sit at home and watch on TV, the New Year celebrations around the globe. People dress colorfully and take part in activities like attending parties, dancing, prayers, discos and night clubs. The beaches, restaurants, and other social gatherings will be filled with all age groups waiting to welcome the New Year. Celebrations can be either religious or social, as it depends upon each person.

New Year Gifts

Add happiness to New Year celebrations by presenting loved ones and friends with gifts. Gifts are a way of showing appreciation and giving blessings and it means a lot to the recipient. The gifts must be chosen wisely. The gifts can be costly jewellery or a simple card wishing a happy new year. It all depends on the persons’ taste.  Each and every gift has its own value. Gifts like a basket of flowers, cakes, chocolates, candles with wishes and champagne are the most commonly sent gifts on New Year. Kids can be presented with teddy bears, toys and chocolates to make the day bright and special for them. The most normal gift is a New Year diary as it can help the person to plan and schedule the year’s important days. A planner with a remainder is a simple, but also a useful gift especially for the working class. An easy way is buying a gift hamper. Shops provide with gift hampers for each member of the family and can easily choose the hamper needed. For your loved ones, a photo album of all the special moments of the year will bring back memories from the same.

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