We bring you 5-floral hair crowns because life is too short to have boring hair!

Floral Hair Crowns

It is a big time for floral hair accessories. They are kind of having a big moment since Beyonce did this elaborate floral headgear, sputtering to scattered responses and arousing transformation.

Floral headdresses, however, aren’t new. The neo-hippy crowd of Coachella, Ophelia in Hamlet, Olympic olive wreath, Ukranian Vinok and our very own ‘gajra’ – this decorative hair statement has always been around and debated upon. What doesn’t change is its status as a sartorial statement. Lately, the hair crowns are going through a refreshing phase. They aren’t the elaborate headgear anymore or just one of the things that Beyonce can do. They are transforming into a beautiful clip-like accessory that all of us can wear –regardless of the length of hair and occasion.

Hair Crown for Good Looking Life

A hair crown is now something that you can wear day-to-day life and transform your look - from casual to classy, from proper to playful and from desk to dusk! It is a balanced way to sneak flowers into hair-to give your hair a special summer look that is done right! Since spring is here, we thought it was just the time to give you a wardrobe update and here it is!

floral crown for daily life

Jennifer Lawrence looked like a dream in her white dress and real flowers in her bun. Such a wonderful and gorgeous way to give an occasion the special touch it needs without making it too much. Perfect for summer brunches, bachelorette parties and a girls’ night out!

Flower Crown Girl

Floral Crown Keeps Hair Fragrant

Keep your hair simple and look fragrant!  You don’t have to complicate things but to beautify them. A simple twig of flower in your braid could do the trick for you! Just what you are looking for a first date, a casual outing with a special someone and a semi-formal outing. The best thing is that all you need are two pins to get this hairstyle right! No prodding or picking of the hair but ultimate style!

Floral Crowns


Bring out the feminine charm in you and be the diva you are! If you are the bride or the BFF, this headdress can make you feel special while doing complete justice to the exclusivity of the occasion! You need two bobby pins to hold this in your hair!

Rose Floral Crown

Add spring to your feet and charm to your hair without a magic wand. A twig of rose tucked behind the ear is all you need to give this world a little hope! And you know what does the trick? A bobby pin! Can you think of anything better and easier to level up your hair game?

Floral Crown By Indian Celebrities

It is almost a blasphemy to sign off without mentioning our Indian headgear or gajra! A simple headgear that has survived years of heady transformation and has yet stand strong! It doesn’t mean that it hasn’t had its string of changes. Alia Bhatt sported a frail thread of gajra. Kriti Sanon was seen in a low bun hairstyle adorned with gajra while Neha Dhupia went full-on traditional for her D-Day.  Here’s Sonam wearing a side gajra, a fun and contemporary take on traditional floral gear. You can find them in a nearby corner or make it them at home! If you want to order them in bulk for an event, you can order online too!

Floral Crowns by Indian Celebrities

You can totally pull off these headgears without much ado. It looks easy and is easy to do too! You don’t have to wear hair extensions either to rock them off! So, what are you waiting for? Rock these floral headdresses and welcome the spring in your own, fashionable way!